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Engage your audience & Drive more sales

It’s not enough to just put ads in front of your audience. Consumers expect unique, relevant, and useful content that adds value to their lives. Instagram gives your business the opportunity to publish content that engages your audience helping you build a relationship with them.

Instagram is more than just a place to build up followers, it’s also a powerful advertising tool. Facebook and Instagram have joined forces giving businesses two powerful platforms to create targeted marketing campaigns to drive sales. *Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users. Osphere Digital- Division of Osphere Group, will develop a social media strategy for your business to help drive web traffic, build trust with your audience, generate enquires, and drive sales.

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How do Instagram Ads work?

Both Instagram and Facebook have come a long way in the past five years. What was once a place to browse awesome images is now a place where advertisers can generate high ROI (Return on Investment) for their advertising spend. Both Facebook and Instagram have many advertising features to help you increase business revenue. Followers can now Shop directly from your Facebook page or from an Instagram post! Instagram is highly visual and aspirational. People spend hours scrolling through Instagram finding products they wish they had too. Instagram product catalog enables advertisers to tag the products they want to sell which can be purchased directly from one post.

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Instagram Story Ads

Our Winning Instagram Marketing Strategy

Business audit

We dive deep into your business goals and challenges as well as your offering and USP. We also build buyer personas and research the competition, while identifying the best marketing/advertising tactics in your niche.

Instagram ad development

We focus on the specifics of the upcoming campaign. We create visuals and ad copies consistent with your brand guidelines, design multiple ad variations, distribute budgets and set up campaign monitoring.

Data-driven campaign optimization

Whether it’s an organic or paid acquisition campaign, we deliver on-going optimization and improvement. We let the real-time campaign data guide us for the best results.

Reporting & analysis

Osphere Digital closely monitors key metrics such as engagement rate, reach, and follower growth, and uses this data to refine their strategy and optimize their content. We create custom reports to summarize their performance and share insights with clients, highlighting areas of success and areas for improvement.

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