Building Strong Relationships and Increasing Conversion Rates with Online Video Marketing

Your customers each have their own preferences when it comes to absorbing information, be it text, imagery, audio, or video. If you want to forge a deeper connection with consumers, you will need to integrate as many of those marketing strategies into your campaign as possible. Out of the four methods of communication, video is by far the most powerful, as the only video has the ability to combine all four communication streams.

Visual information has been the cornerstone of every effective marketing campaign, but it’s moving images that have the most power to fully capture the imagination. Over 50 percent of consumers turn to video when making a buying decision.

You can take advantage of the huge video e-Commerce potential this statistic provides with a professional video marketing campaign, combined with a customized video strategy to boost conversion rates and build relationships. Our team excels at producing videos designed specifically for creating an emotional connection with your existing and potential clients.

Search engines are no doubt aware of the popularity of videos as more and more search results are popping up with links to videos on the first page of many search queries. With our expertise in VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization), your video will get the best chance of appearing in the Google Videos search results, as well as all the other major search engines.

YouTube is popular but there are many other video sharing websites, such as Vimeo, Meta Cafe, and Daily Motion which should be included in your video marketing campaigns to ensure maximum exposure to an online video audience hungry for information. Our video marketing service will increase your coverage over all the major sites for the best ROI on your video advertising budget.

Even the cheapest smartphones can play a good quality video, creating a relatively untapped market of mobile video consumers. Combine the increasing consumption of mobile video with Youtube’s audience of avid consumers of online video content and you have the perfect environment for a powerful viral video marketing campaign. We specialize in viral video marketing strategies to create massive organic reach for your business.

The numbers are in and now there’s no denying that videos drive traffic and engagement. Internet television is here to stay in all its guises, so capitalize on your video commerce potential today with our professional video marketing service.

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